Build compliant GenAI applications in your own infrastructure

Streamline the development cycle of your AI applications, by using a comprehensive suite of features including rapid prototyping, testing, deployment, observability and model fine-tuning - all in your own infrastructure

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Dynamiq - graphic showing end-to-end platform

Extract ROI for your business

Cost Reduction
Decrease in operational costs related to customer service and support operations
Drive Revenue
Revenue increase for enterprises that integrate Al into customer interactions
Competitive Advantage
Of business who implemented GenAl gained a competitive edge in the market

Your data, under your control and ownership

Rest assured that your data remains confidential as we manage the implementation of any open-source LLMs or vector databases within your corporate infrastructure

Establish AI in your organisation ahead of schedule

Optimize productivity with our low-code AI application builder and expedite time-to-market by rapidly prototyping and testing all within our platform

Cost effective AI implementation

Reduce AI adoption costs with our intuitive and easy to use interface. Leverage your existing technical team and eliminate the necessity for a machine learning infrastructure

Trusted by Innovators from Top Companies

Make your organisation run faster and smarter, all with a peace of mind

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On-premise deployment

Retain full control over your data and ensure adherence to regulatory compliance requirements with the ability to implement custom security measures

Diagram showing on-premise deployment

A single tool for all of your needs

Experience the ease of streamlining your AI application development process with Dynamiq's all-in-one solution, empowering you to effortlessly oversee the entire development cycle

Diagram showing Dynamiq's end-to-end platform


Enhance operational efficiency with real-time insights, key metrics tracking, and streamlined debugging processes through our comprehensive observability suite

Screenshot showing Dynamiq's observability capabilities

Seamless LLM fine-tuning

Transition from renting to owning your LLMs, ensuring any models you build and customize are your property. Achieve rapid fine-tuning and deployment of open-source LLMs with just two clicks to train state-of-the-art models on your data

Screenshot showing Dynamiq's fine-tuning capabilities


Ensure precision, correctness, and reliability in LLM outputs with thorough validation to align outcomes with expectations, complemented by comprehensive visibility and risk assessment of AI-powered tools

Screenshot showing Dynamiq's gaurdrails capabilities

Bring your data

Integrate your company-specific data sources using RAG to enhance the robustness of conversational applications by efficiently retrieving and incorporating relevant information

Image showing how users can use RAG

Bank-grade security and privacy

AICPA SOC certification
In progress


Dynamiq strictly follows robust standards for information processing, data retention, and access control

GDPR certification
In progress


We safeguard your data through secure processing and offer mechanisms for exercising your rights under GDPR

HIPAA Compliance certification
In progress


We ensure the security of your sensitive medical data by secure processing and compliance with HIPAA standards for data confidentiality

We keep your data safe

Experience peace of mind with Dynamiq's commitment to security and privacy, offering secure connectivity with your databases and stringent controls over data processing to protect your company’s sensitive information

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Dedicated Infrastructure

Fine-tune and deploy models within your VPC

PII Protection

Make sure sensitive customer data doesn't leave your premises

Guaranteed structured output

LLMs are forced to strictly follow a set output format (e.g. JSON, YAML, etc.)

Fine-grain access controls

Enhanced platform security with detailed access controls that meticulously manage user permissions and data accessibility